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CO2 Emissions Offset Policy

I believe that it is of vital importance to be at least carbon neutral given the current information on global warming.

In order to reduce this site's carbon footprint to a minimal level I have strived to use as many virtual services as possible.

Some examples include:

  • Office space - my office is part of my home so reducing travel and all other CO2 emissions involved with having a seperate office;
  • Fax machine - all incoming and outgoing faxes are virtual so saving paper, fax machine and toner;
  • Telephone - all numbers are virtual so no extra wiring or equipment;
  • Downloadable files - most files are in Adobe PDF or MP3 format - so that you can decide to print or transfer to CD or MP3 player.

The above list is not meant to be exhaustive but to serve as an idea of what I have decided to do to help reduce CO2 emissions.

CO2 emission estimates

For the reporting period from 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013

Office energy

Estimated Gas for this period 500 KWh

Estimated Electricity for this period 1000 KWh

Estimated office energy CO2 emissions are 3.58 tonnes

Company flights

Estimated Hours flying 10 Hrs

Estimated company flights CO2 emissions are 1.18 tonnes

Company travel

Estimated distance travelled by petrol car 10000 kms

Estimated distance travelled by diesel car 5000 kms

Estimated distance travelled by public transport 1000 kms

Estimated company travel CO2 emissions are 2.46 tonnes

Extra carbon to offset 10 tonnes

Total estimated CO2 emissions are 17.22 tonnes

To offset this CO2 will cost GB Pounds 129.15 / Euros 150.30 / US Dollars 204.10

For information on how these estimates were calculated please see Carbon Offset Calculator.

Green Web Site Hosting

I have chosen to use as my web host provider as their offices and data centers are all 100% powered by renewable wind energy. For more information please see iPower Green Web Hosting Provider. (Please see disclaimer below)

Green Web Hosting - Powered by 100% Wind Energy

Disclaimer: From time to time, I will promote, endorse, or suggest products and/or services for sale that are not my own. My recommendation is ALWAYS based on my personal belief that the product and its author will provide excellent and valuable information or service. This may be based on a review of that product, my personal or professional relationship with that person or company, and/or a previous positive experience with the person or company whose product I am recommending. In most cases, I will be compensated via a commission if you decide to purchase that product based on my recommendation. In some cases, I will receive the product for free for review purposes, or just to use. In some cases, I have used that product to my personal satisfaction in my own business.

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