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About EnglishQED™


My name is Gary Lee Galbusera Butcher and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to and tell you a little about EnglishQED™.

Many times in our lives we find ourselves in situations, for many reasons, that require us to speak a few words in a foreign language, or even have to learn a foreign language because we move to another country - just as I did. If we are fortunate enough to have been born with English as our native language, the World is an open market in which we can conduct business, and chat freely with others. However, if our native language is not English, there can be huge obstacles to overcome in order to build a successful international business, or even make new friends.

I have designed this site to help you find a way to overcome the barriers to communicating on a global scale, whether your intention is to market your business, or just make new friends.

I am based in the Lombardy Region of northern Italy, and I created EnglishQED™ to supply solutions to specific gaps in the teaching, education and training sectors that are not covered by traditional methods. These solutions are founded on over 15 years experience in the commercial sector, and are available on a 'made-to-measure' basis using the latest material and research techniques available.

As part of a planned expansion programme I am constantly updating and adding new material to the EnglishQED™ website which serves as an on-line learning resource support for both clients and visitors from all over the world.

I am constantly evolving my approach to fulfilling the needs of the market and producing specialist material specifically aimed at business people in the following specialist language and skills areas:

* Business English

* Legal English

* The Common Law System

* Accountancy

* Finance

* Procurement

* Marketing

* Management Skills

* Presentation Skills

* Information Technology

* Internet Training

* Import and Export

I try to constantly update all the specialist materials in order to maintain their relevance and usefulness.

I do hope that you enjoy the site and find that it can really help you to improve your English.

Many thanks for visiting.


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